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Holistic Fitness

Holistic health embraces the concept of balance. It strives to blur divisive lines between the physical and the mental by addressing every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Some people work to achieve holistic fitness with yoga, breathing exercises or tai chi. Others embrace a variety of physical activities and healthy habits that they find find attractive or interesting.

The physical aspects of holistic fitness might improve a persons mood, appetite, energy level and sleep patterns. Yoga is an example of a holistic fitness technique that uses physical movement to improve mental and emotional health. Yoga can be both a spiritual and physical experience. People practicing holistic fitness often alter their diets to improve health as well. Sometimes this means eating natural foods that are closer to the earth, or it could mean cutting back on unnecessary calories from snacks or binge eating. Some people report that excess eating can be caused by an unhealthy mental state, such as boredom or depression, which may be improved through holistic fitness.