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Services & Rates

Most of my clients enjoy the convenience and comfort of having their own personal therapist that comes to them but if you do prefer to stop in I also have my own private studio located in Winchester 

Corrective Bodywork

This is precise soft-tissue therapy with the purpose of releasing hyper-contraction and spasms in the soft tissue, eliminating trigger points that cause pain and restoring postural alignment and flexibility. These techniques focus on soft tissue alignment to alleviate body pain caused by postural imbalance, injuries, or congested areas. Bad posture, weak or restricted muscles or distortions and disorganization in the soft tissue can result in many types of pain and symptoms. Many also use this to increase athletic performance or general maintenance for injury prevention. (Learn more)

Single Session: This service focuses on painful areas. I may use many different manual therapy techniques to get optimum results. We can address anything from neck or shoulder pain to knee, foot, or back pain and everything in between. 

Pkg of 5: This is a half structural integration session focusing on the 5 main areas of concern. This is designed for those who already have pretty good posture and range of motion and only need minimal work. 

Pkg of 10: This is a complete structural integration session consisting of all 10 areas of concern helping the body return to structural and functional postural alignment by removing tensions and restrictions in areas that have been held tight and by further balancing myofascial relationships throughout the entire body. This is designed for those who need complete balancing or would just like to benefit from a complete opening experience.

 Bodywork Prices60 Min90 Min Pkg of 5Pkg of 10
In Office X$140 $650$1300
In Home X$160 $750 $1500 

Swedish Massage 

This classic massage promotes relaxation with gentle, long strokes. The therapist focuses on areas that require the most attention, improving circulation and relieving stress.

Assisted Stretching

My stretching sessions take place on a massage table, the practitioner stabilizes the limbs or part of the body not being worked on while manually stretching the target muscle. This facilitates relaxation and enhances the effectiveness of the technique. Additionally I provide instructions for further self stretching at home. 

 Assisted Stretch & Swedish Massage Prices60 Min90 Min 
In Office $60$90 
In Home $80$120 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Using classic combinations of sports stretches, compressions and deep tissue techniques, the therapist restores mobility, vitality and body comfort. 

Resistance Stretching

Treatment restores balance to opposing muscle groups throughout the body, by first lengthening short, tight muscle groups and then toning the opposing weak inhibited tissues. Resistance Stretchings unique approach builds flexibility and strength at the same time and helps remove lactic acid. An assisted session that incorporates resistance stretching and massage can really aid recovery, Athletes use it before a run to loosen up, or after to reduce stiffness and tension. 

 Resistance Stretch & Deep tissue Massage Prices60 Min90 Min 
In Office $80$120 
In Home $100$150