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My Partners



Menifee, Ca

Hi there! My name is Nicole James and I am a wellness advocate and a holistic healthcare educator. After mysteriously coming across essential oils at a time in my life where my family had no other options, they were a complete life blessing. Pharmaceuticals were working against us at this point, for a condition that A LOT of people suffer from; Depression and Anxiety, and it was becoming dangerous and scary. It wasn't until I was introduced to essential oils from a friend who lives across the world. I was BLOWN AWAY with the benefits the essential oils provided to my husband that I was then hooked to learn more. 

My Passion for essential oils, and living a natural, plant based lifestyle has empowered me to share these precious gifts of the earth with the world. I have created a comfortable space and environment in which we can openly discuss the Therapeutic and Medicinal benefits essential oils offer. 
Services I provide and offer locally include- 

Free weekly classes every Monday evening in Menifee, CA 7pm.
 Essential Make and Takes at the Healthy Bar in Murrieta, CA Saturday 10am. Transformational  Breathwork Course.
Monthly class at local Joanns/ Micheals.
Reiki Certified.
BioImpendence Scan and Wellness Consult, one one ones available.
Canyon Lake, and Long Beach Marina Farmers Market Classes. 
**Aromatouch Certified**- 


Winchester, Ca

Wendy provides education in nutrition for the individual seeking to regain their health as well as group seminars for parents and their children on health issues. Proper nutrition in the school age years can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to a student’s overall well being. This will help them to grow and learn to their fullest potential, and then go on to lead a long, healthy life. She provides an introduction to the human body and to factors that prevent illness and promote or damage health. Did you know that this generation of young people is the first that is forecast to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents? 1 in 3 or 4 children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes at some point in their lifetime. The prevalence of overweight children among 6-11 year olds has doubled in the past 20 years and tripled for teens. Adopting healthy behavior can have lifelong consequences. The goal of this education is not only to increase the parent’s health knowledge, but to create healthy behavior in the children of those parents. Health Education is most effective if parents are involved. To connect with Wendy go to www.nethersprings.com


Winchester, Ca

Lisa is an HHP and Personal Trainer specializing in equine massage, stretching, PEMF and performance rider sports massage and conditioning.


LMT, Reiki II

Owner of Chakras Massage & Wellness

I am a gypsy spirit with a deep desire to connect with others. From a young age I have always been drawn to those in need of a smile, a shoulder to lean on, or a silent companion while treading new ground. This fundamental need to 'be of assistance' has brought me to a place of wonder and healing. 

Spring of 2011 was a pivotal moment in my life, I enrolled in Massage Therapy School and discovered Reiki. During the next seven months, something powerful was awakened and I recognized my gift of touch and healing. Each session is geared towards your personal needs in that moment and the combination of energy work and deep tissue will be like no experience you've had before.  

I am so blessed to have the honor of finally doing something I love so much! A million thank you's to the universe for guiding my path and to those brave souls who have walked, and often stumbled along with me! Here's to more...


Winchester, Ca

Melanie is an Barrel Horse Trainer, Performance Rider and Equine Rehabilitation therapist proficient in the following:
  • Neuro-muscular exercise training
  • Thermal imaging
  • Hot and cold manual therapies
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • PEMF
  • Management of Nutritional needs
  • Evaluation of teeth, saddle fit, shoeing and other possible contributors to lameness. 
  • Horsemanship lessons and rider evaluation


Los Angeles, Ca

Hello! My name is Andishe. I have just completed my masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and would love to work with clients in the area of food, nutrition and therapy. In the past I have created meal plans, completed grocery shopping trips and assessed diet and nutrition intake.