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Complete Massage Session

(This is a non-sexual massage but Everything including the breasts and inner thigh are massaged and lose draping is allowed) 

A complete massage is a full body massage, but not limited to strict draping and every part of your body is worked on completely. It can consist of only therapeutic techniques or it can also include some Sexual Dysfunction and pelvic release techniques depending on your goals. Women’s bodies are neglected by today’s Massage Therapist since it is so taboo to massage a woman’s breasts or around the groin. These are both areas of major lymph nodes, large muscle groups, emotional storage, and chakras.  The University of Berkeley discovered that breast massage not only prevents breast cancer but can reverse cancer growth.  http://news.berkeley.edu/2012/12/17/malignant-breast-cells-grow-normally-when-compressed/. In Europe and Asia it is accepted and natural to work on the breast and around the groin.  After all they are only body parts that need just as much circulation and stimulation as any other part of the body, sometimes even more so. Another added benefit is the client has the option of receiving a treatment nude, with most massage sessions there is a higher emphasis on “draping” and “towel techniques,” whereby the client almost becomes lost in the process and the practitioner’s attention becomes more about the lay of the sheet, not the comfort of the client. Receiving a massage nude also facilitates greater relaxation since it enables us to relax fully and not be distracted by the therapist continually re-positioning the drape. Take away these distractions and you remove any barriers to the mind’s ability to free flow and it becomes much more of a natural, fluid process. So if you are wanting a complete full body massage integrating the entire mind, body and spirit without unnatural limitations and inhibitions then you will rejoice with my Complete Massage session.